Datamation is a corporation founded by three partners, P. Douglas Sculthorpe, Robert A. Carlson, and John E. Casstevens in 1991, and is celebrating 28 years in 2019. Since 1995 the office of operations has been located at 10392 Dow-Gil Road in Ashland, Virginia. In 2019 ownership of the company was passed on to Chris Crown, Mark York, and Aaron Casstevens, all technicians employed by the company over 20 years.

Datamation, Inc.’s founders and new owners have over 175 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. Since 1991 we have been providing communications and computer services conceived in the principles of professionalism, quality and customer value. Our clients depend on us for consistent excellence and we deliver. We are proud of our reputation in the community and know that in order to retain client confidence we have to be the best in class. Located in Ashland, Virginia we respond quickly to client needs throughout Virginia and Maryland.

Datamation’s depth and breadth of experience affords a complete set of services for both voice and data communication needs. This means that our clients can implement, manage and maintain a full range of technologies with only one service provider. This translates into a direct cost savings for our clients. It is our experience and our ability to specify, install and manage all aspects of communications systems that sets Datamation apart from the crowd.

The company provides services through the Commonwealth of Virginia and portions of surrounding states. The work force includes an Operations Manager, Project Manager, Telecom Analyst, Administrative Support, and Technicians.

Our approach to each project differs based on the unique requirements of each customer. We realize that no two environments are the same and that the project methodology that works for one situation may not be right for others. Our broad experience allows us to anticipate potential issues and plan the project accordingly. This type of foresight comes only with the benefit of many years in the telecommunications industry working with a wide variety of technologies from PBXs and Common Carrier services to LANs, WANs and wireless platforms.